Little Acornsday nursery

Millie is getting on very well. She seems very happy. Good progress on potty training! Rumana  & Tom (Millie 32 months)Parents Comments
Some feedback on blue room...i think that they're doing some fantastic planned activities in there. Louis is loving all the creative work that they're doing and is so proud of his artwork. When I pick him up its one of the first things he does is show me what he's done that day so think that staff show real value in the work that the kids are doing. We're pleased!
 Nia and Christian  (parents to Louis)
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I am really pleased with Clemmie's progress. Ellie ( Clemmie 30 months)
I can see a big progress. She is improving very well. Anna (Avin 25 months)Parents Comments

We are happy with Thomas' progress.

Thank you

Gina (Thomas 23 months)

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